Carbon Management... It's in your hands

A software system that allows you to manage your carbon projects, iCarbon™ is the solution for busy landholders.

Australia’s premium land carbon management solution Designed by industry experts, iCarbon™ provides total end-­to-end carbon management support for landholders.

  • Individualised dsahboards
  • Project Eligibility assessments
  • Custom registration forms
  • Estimates on returns
  • Project monitoring
  • Secure document storage
  • Access to markets
  • Audit ready
  • Technical support - every step of the way
  • MapMyCarbon iPhone app
  • 2048 bit SSL data encryption

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How it works
iCarbon™ is a carbon project management solution designed specifically to manage Carbon Farming Projects. Central to the iCarbon™ system is the dedicated and individual users control panel (dashboard) that allows users to access all their projects informaFon. iCarbon™ incorporates the cornerstone of good project management through Data Management, Process Control, Document Control, Carbon Trading and information and News.

Data Management
Data Management is critical in carbon farming projects. From electronic files to tracking activities and account activity, iCarbon™ provides the solution to tracking and maintaining data integrity and security through online storage and retrieval, allowing users to upload and retrieve documents related to each individual project or management area, simply, effectively and securely through the dashboard.
The Data Management function will also prove critical in minimising auditing and verification costs by allowing selected auditors to review required documentation remotely.

Process Control
iCarbon™ provides a simple guided solution to the complex process of managing carbon projects, from eligibility requirements though project registration, verification, reporting and credit issuance.
Users are prompted to ensure each required document and required information is loaded to the system to ease the compliance requirements of the CFI Scheme regulator. iCarbon™ includes simplified forms that auto populate for multiple users to minimise data entry.

Document Control
iCarbon™ houses the critical documents such as verification reports and allows users to upload, review and alter documents as required.
Documents are easily retrieved based on management units or at a project level. All documents are retrievable through the dashboard.

Information and News
iCarbon™ provides up to date market analysis, prices and important news, allowing users to make informed decisions about their carbon.

The iCarbon™ system is coupled with the Australian Farm Abatement Registry, a simple online trading platform for spot market transactions.
iCarbon™ also integrates and provides access to the ACT Carbon Aggregation, allowing users to sell carbon credits to large purchasers in a seamless and simple manner.

iCarbon™ is secured by highest possible encryption levels for online transactions and data security. Our 2048 bit digitally signed SSL certificate provides 256 bit encryption of data.

Are you a project aggregator? If you're a carbon project aggregator and would like to see how Carbon™ can help you simplify and streamline landholder management, give us a call or Email us for details.